Competition Details

There are six league competition evenings held throughout the season.  There are three categories within the league which are:

A   Monochrome Prints

B   Colour Prints

C  Projected Digital Images  

The Braintree and Witham Times Cup

The Wright Trophy

 The Cameron Cup

On each competition evening, a member can enter up to three images into each section A B and C.  

Within sections B and C, the three image entry comprises of two open subject images and one set subject image. 

On the evening, the invited judge will comment and score each image. The scores are recorded and the winner of each trophy is the member with the highest accumulative score from their best 12 scores throughout the season.

Our programme includes an evening set aside to determine the best images of the year.

D    Prints of the Year

The Ingall Cup

The Wright Trophy

The Williams Cup

Each member can enter up to three images into each category.  The judge will determine the top three images in each section along with those he feels need recognition as Highly Commended.

Each year, we have a day out at a pre-determined venue to take images to enter into our annual Rally Competition.

The Les Butcher Memorial Shield

The Rally Print Trophy

Each member can enter up to four images into each category for the Rally Competition.

Our final individual internal competition is our Panel of Six evening.

 The Mitchell Cup

As the title indicates this is a projected image only competition. Each member can enter up to three panel sets.  Each set contains an initial compilation panel of six images followed by the individual images and a closing image repeat of the initial panel.  The six images must have a common theme.  A short introduction of not more than fifty words must be entered with the panel to explain the theme of the panel set.



Our inter-club External evening is a monochrome competition, 'The Braintree Shield'.  The Shield is presented to the Club with the highest accumulative score from their six entered images.

'The Mike Childs Trophy' is awarded to the best image on the night.