The Finer Points of Entries

Once a member, you can enter images into the club competitions.

Image prints entered into all internal competitions have to comply with the following dimensions.  The maximum printed image size must be no larger than 40cm X 30cm (16"  x  12").  The maximum mount size must not exceed 50cm  x  40cm (20"  x  16").


The identification of an image should be displayed on the revers of the image in the top left hand corner and be in the following format.   'IMAGE TITLE_members name_cpo'  cps and mp.

Most External Print competitions insist on a mount size of 40cm  x  50cm.

Our Projected image competition entries must be sized to the following format.  768 max pixel height  x  1024 max pixel wide, with the colour space set to sRGB.

The identification of a projected image should be in the following format.  'IMAGE TITLE_members name_pds'  or pdo


cpo   =  Colour Print Open.

cps   =   Colour Print Set.

mp   =   Monochrome print.

pdo  =   Projected image Open.

pds  =    Projected Image Set.

The images named as above should be emailed the the compatition co-ordinator no later than 72 hours prior to the competition evening.



All images displayed on this site remain the copyright of their author and may not be copied or reproduced without the consent of that author.

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